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Depot Systems - M&R Estimates - Invoicing

Depot Systems 4.0 handles most types of estimates and invoicing to meet a container depot's needs.  All unit information is stored in the invoicing system and is placed against in-yard units.  All invoices go directly into the Accounts Receivable system for all your receivable functions.  The invoice writer is specifically designed for container and chassis repair invoice writing.  Unlimited descriptions and items can be entered into an invoice.  All items can be searched to quickly find the needed part numbers and job descriptions.  Parent items can be created to add all necessary items to a invoice for a specific repair job.  By entering a job code, all needed items will appear on the invoice. Estimates and invoices are created in the same writer.  Estimates are converted into a invoices with no re-entering of data.

Invoices and estimates can be brought up for changes at any time.  They can be printed, emailed, and faxed directly from the system.  Digital pictures can be attached to the emailed estimates.  Invoices can be unlimited pages and will display all unit information on the invoice print. Unit repairs are also broken down by labor, parts, and tire repairs.  This information can be printed on various repair reports.

CEDEX coding, Evergreen 650, and OOCL batch EDI is built into the Invoice / Estimate writer and Inventory screens.  CEDEX accounts will automatically display pick lists for CEDEX repair codes and will print and send the CEDEX information.

Depot System can also fully replace Sterling Commerce software. 

Estimate Screens

Estimate - Invoice Features

Easy invoice / estimate writer - able to type unlimited comments and descriptions of repair or trucking information.

Supports container, chassis, genset, trailer, tanks, miscellaneous.

Configurable InGate & OutGate screens per customer.

Inventory parts system.

Free hand entry of items.

Genset lifting.

Easy CEDEX code pick lists.

CEDEX approval support.

CEDEX approval import via excel spreadsheet.

Taxable items or labor.

Mechanic tracking.
  Easy printing and email of estimates and invoices.

Attach damage photos.

Attach scanned interchange when sending as email.

Genset / Reefer unit repair support.

Separate remit to addresses.

Separate storage and M&R addresses.

Create batch / group invoices.

Print Work Orders.

Supports multiple prices per account.

Generate different M&R reports.

Updates in-yard equipment.