Depot Systems 5 PC Software

Depot Systems 5 is a complete container yard/terminal management software system. The software contains gate, yard management, M&R estimating and built in EDI-CEDEX support. Depot Systems can handle any size depot; large or small. Our software is distributed worldwide to over 250 depots and repair facilities.

5.0 Features

  • All new Microsoft .Net programming
  • New database, Microsoft SQL database 2008-2016
  • New Report System: the ability to create more dynamic reports in less time.
  • New reporting scheduler system
  • New Unit Charges – You can now charge and create miscellaneous invoices for: yard tasks, container liner, tank wash, etc…
  • New Tank Container support
  • New Fleet / Equipment master support
  • New Truck and Driver gate controls
  • New auto email gate interchange to dispatch
  • New and improved chassis pools support
  • New and improved Gate / Estimate damage picture support
  • New Document feature for supporting equipment documents
  • New add-on modules, pick the system features you need
  • Improved interchange imaging
  • Improved EDI processing
  • Improved large scale account / SS line handling
  • Improved user security /terminal controls

Depot Systems Features

  • Supports Containers, Chassis, Reefer Containers, Gensets, Tank Containers
  • Easy to use screens
  • Built in EDI support for all major Steamship lines and chassis pools
  • Multiple Terminals Support
  • Unlimited Accounts Per Terminal / Depot
  • Unlimited Users per Terminal / Depot
  • Built in email support
  • Export to accounting systems
  • Custom system and report changes
  • Fleet Equipment master support
  • UIIA support
  • Report scheduling
  • Complete online training and system setup is provided with purchase.

System Components

  • Gate In
  • Gate Out
  • Bookings / Releases
  • Manifests
  • Re-deliveries
  • Reporting
  • Container Lifting and Mounting
  • Gate EDI
  • Booking EDI
  • Repair EDI
  • Storage / Gate / Lifting  Invoicing
  • Storage Rate Tables
  • Loaded Container Support Import / Export
  • Yard Management
  • Equipment Status
  • Data and Reporting import and exporting
  • Equipment Fleet Controls

Windows PC Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows PC Operating System Versions 7, 8.1, or 10
  • Can run on Horizon, Citrix, or as Terminal Server application

SQL Server Requirements

  • Depot Systems Cloud option.
  • Or Microsoft SQL 2008-2016 or Microsoft SQL Express 2008-2016 installed on your network.

Cloud Hosting Options

  • Operates on Mac / Apple computer if DS Cloud solution is used
  • Operates on Windows XP if DS Cloud solution is used.
  • Can run on Horizon, Citrix, or as Terminal Server application

Depot Systems 5  has been tested on Windows 10 and is fully compatible.



Depot Systems Windows Tablet

Depot Systems 5 Windows Tablet System

Microsoft Windows 10 based system used to perform the following tasks.

  • Gate In – With damage pick lists and photos
  • Gate In – with full estimating during gate in process.
  • Gate Out – With photos
  • Equipment check / Change Status / Lifting
  • Booking  Number Check
  • Yard Inventory Check
  • M&R Estimating
  • Lift Queue  (optional module)
  • GPS Tracking and Mapping (optional module)

Tablets can use WI-FI, Cellular, or Cellular Hot Spot connections.
Support Bluetooth hip printers or any Microsoft Windows supported printer.

Note: This software is an add-on to the Depot Systems 5 main module. You must first purchase the main module system. Then you can purchase the Depot Systems 5 Tablet software for Windows.

Tablet Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10  Home or Pro operating system. Windows 10 is recommended.
  • Will NOT run on Windows RT tablets.
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB hard drive space

Depot Systems 5 Tablet has been tested on Windows 10 and is fully compatible.

Any Windows 10 tablet will work, there are many tablet options out there.
These are some tablet options we have seen out there.

Rugged Tablets

Vanquisher 8-Inch Ultra Rugged Tablet PC (2nd Gen)
Available from many online sites.


HHCS Handheld USA, Inc. ALGIZ7 Windows tablet

Contact Adam Young



  • HP Pro 408 Tablet  Windows 10 (400.00)  (HP also sells rugged case.)
  • Dell Venue 11 Pro 5000  Series Windows 8.1 /10  (369.00)
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000  Series Windows 8.1  /10 (225.00)
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro 3000 Series Windows 8.1 /10  (179.00)

Rugged cases can be found for many of these tablets.


The Windows 10 OS can print to any normal Windows supported printer including network attached printers. For field use we prefer Bluetooth enabled hip printers for gate interchange receipts.


DataMax / O’Neil MFT2
Bluetooth Hip printer.
Part# 200380-100
Note:  Datamax MFT2 printers must have the Bluetooth setting changed in order to connect.

Zebra QLN420
Zebra QLN420 or Zebra RW220

Contact Dean Ramirez Direct: (847) 805-5022 for sales information.

GPS Tracking Add On Module

  • Requires accessible GPS chip on serial / COM port.
  • Not all tablets have GPS chips built in.
  • Toshiba Encore tablets have GPS chip built in, but is not accessible via COM port.
  • There are many external USB GPS devices available that can be added to tablets using the GPS tracking option. 
  • USB GPS devices like the Globalsat BU-353 are great for top pick and truck use with dash mount receiver.


Depot Systems Maintenance and Repair

Depot Systems 5 contains a new maintenance and repair system for creating estimates and invoicing in the system. The new M&R system contains the following new features.

  • Updated Estimate / Invoice entry screen with complete item and parts search controls.
  • Updated entry to have advanced EDI pick list controls
  • New Tariff / Parts Spreadsheet control to better manage large tariff lists
  • New parts inventory tracking per location
  • New Export to Accounts systems process
  • New Reporting
  • New EDI processing
  • New Labor Rate and Tax rates effective dates
  • Built in support for all major shipping lines EDI
  • Built in support for all US chassis EDI

Depot Systems 5 Rail Ramp

Optional Rail Ramp Module can be added on to your system.

  • Rail Arrival
  • Rail Departure
  • Rail Car and well assignments
  • Manifests
  • Containers to / from street
  • EDI support for 417 waybills and 418 Train dispatch
  • EDI support for gate and on/off rail cars
  • Custom rail billing options




Depot Systems Cloud

Depot Systems can provide Depot Systems 5 software as a cloud version. Utilizing Tier 1 level data centers all data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Multiple terminal locations and remote users can all easily access the system from any internet connection.


  • No servers or system setup required on customer network.
  • Quick Depot Systems software setup – Can be setup in hours.
  • VMware Cluster redundant servers
  • Veeam Server data backups, off site backup replicas and SQL maintenance provided.
  • Full data center services. Security, Generator backup,  Fire Prevention, etc..
  • Multiple high speed redundant BGP internet connections on 3 major carriers.

Note:  The Cloud hosting option also includes Depot Systems yearly support and EDI processing fees.


  • Internet connection DSL or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 Computer to install client software
  • TCPIP Port 24999 or 443 open on internet firewall for system access


  • Optional support for Mac Computers via Terminal Server connection included with cloud service
  • Optional support for Windows XP Computers via Terminal Server connection included with cloud service
  • Windows Tablet Connection (If Depot Systems 5 Tablet Add On Purchased) Tablets can connect via local or cellular internet connection from multiple terminal locations.
  • Depot Systems 5 Web Site hosting (If Depot Systems 5 Web Add On purchased) Included full redundant  .Net web hosting and setup.

Depot Systems 5 Driver-Lift Queue

Driver Lift Queue module adds support for tracking container lifts and drivers in yard. The module provides visual queues for the lift operators and security to ensure what chassis drivers have on the out gate.


  • Provides Yard Tickets for internal trucks and lift tracking
  • Tablet Lift Queue screen for lift operators to view lifts pending.
  • Lift Queue provides entry to complete lifts and update unit location
  • Driver yard tickets provide driver tracking in the terminal and provide details of chassis on gate in and driver owned chassis.
  • Provides cross check of drive and equipment for gate out.
  • Truck turn time reporting

** This is an optional add on module sold separately per terminal location.

Industry Leading EDI

Depot Systems 5 contains industry leading EDI supporting all major steam ship lines. Built in EDI formats for Gate, Maintenance and Repair, Bookings, Approvals, and many custom formats.

  • Gate activity in 322, EDIFACT CEDEX, and CODECO EDI formats.
  • M&R Estimates are supported in CODECO CEDEX WESTIM DESTIM and WORDER formats.
  • Evergreen M&R estimates and invoices to the EGA Web M&R system via 650 and 810 EDI formats.
  • OOCL estimates can be sent to the OOCL Depot Smart system via batch email.
  • Newport Systems for O.N.E., Yang Ming, and others.
  • Flexi Van M&R EDI.
  • Trac M&R via CEDEX EDI
  • DCLI M&R via custom format
  • Bookings/Releases are received via the 301 EDI format for steamship lines that support sending bookings.
  • Support for 310 and 315 formats for manifest.
  • Discharge from vessel in 322 format.
  • Support for Yang Ming, Evergreen, and Med Shipping 810 storage EDI.
  • Now supporting rail ramp operations – 417 and 418 EDI formats.
  • IANA BOES system support

Major Shipping Lines Supported


Leasing Companies

textainer      caiflorens    triton   tal

Chassis Leasing / Chassis Pools
    trac    flexi     ccm

Complete List of EDI Supported in Depot Systems

SS Line
ACL Atlantic Container Gate 322
ACL Atlantic Container M&R CEDEX
AIM Chassis  Gate 322
APL American President Line (CMA) 322 315
ANL Lines Gate
Beacon Leasing Gate and M&R
BNSF Railroad 322 Gate EDI
BlueSky Intermodal
BOES (IANA) equipment updates
BORCHARD Lines Gate and M&R
CARU Leasing
CAI Lease       Gate M&R
CCM (all chassis pools)  Gate and M&R
COSCO  Gate 322
CMA-CGM (APL) 322 Gate
CSX 322  Gate & Rail car load / unload
CSX 417 Waybill / Manifest
CSX 418 train movment
Cronos Lease  Gate  M&R
Crowley Lines  Gate 322
DAL Lines Gate
Direct ChassisLink  (DCLI)  Gate 322
Direct ChassisLink  (DCLI)  M&R
Evergreen Gate
Evergreen M&R   650 &  810
FinnLines Gate
Flexi Van Lease Chassis
Florens Leaseing  Gate & M&R
GE Seaco Gate
Ham Sud  (now Maersk)  Gate 322 * CODECO
Hyundai   Gate
Hyundai   M&R  CEDEXFTP Direct
Hapag Lloyd  Gate 32 & CODECO
Hapag Lloyd  301 Bookings
Maersk  322 Gate & CODECO
Maersk  Telex Gate & Booking
Maersk  M&R EDI
Matson   Gate
Med Shipping  Gate & Booking
Med Shipping  DESTIM & 810 Invoice
Milestone Chassis
Nile Dutch  Gate Booking M&R
NYK    Gate & Booking
O.N.E. Gate 322 & CODEO
O.N.E.  M&R via Newport Systems or EOS
OOCL  GATE   Booking   Manifest
OOCL  M&R via Batch
PASHA Hawaii
PIL Pacific International Lines 322 gate
Protos Lines (Canada) gate and booking
REZ-1 301
Seaboard Marine Gate
SeaCube Leasing
SamSkip Lines
SM lines Gate and Bookings
Textainer Lease   Gate  M&R
Tote Maritime Gate
Touax Leasing   Gate & M&R
TRAC Lease  Gate   M&R
TRAC Lease  301 Bookings
Triton Lease    Gate  M&R
Union Pacific RailRoad  Gate
XPO Gate and Bookings
Yang Ming  Gate
Yang Ming  810
Yang Ming  M&R via Newport Systems
ZIM 322 Gate EDI


Contact Depot Systems if a shipping line, leasing company, or other EDI format is not listed.


Depot Systems 5 Rental Module

Depot Systems Rental Module is an optional add on that can be purchased per terminal location. This module provides the ability to enter rental equipment fleets into the system that can be tracked on the street, and billed to separate rental accounts. Rental equipment can be containers, chassis, or gensets. There is a separate billing system to create rental invoices and rental usage reports are available.



  • Equipment fleet tracking.
  • Supports containers, chassis, or gensets
  • Easy invoicing for a large amount of customers.


Depot Systems 5 GPS Module

Depot Systems 5 GPS Yard Management Module is an available add on module to allow GPS location mapping of equipment in your terminal. The module also enables the use of the yard slot management system to create a yard slot parking layout and auto assign units to parking spots in the terminal as they arrive.

With this add on module the Yard Check screen on the tablet system allows adding GPS tags to each found unit and allows GPS tags as units are moved or lifted in the terminal via the Change Status screen on the tablet system.

GPS locations can also be used from the Estimate screen to tag the location of equipment for repair.

The equipment location can be viewed via satellite mapping screen via the Equipment screen on the PC software or via the Map buttons on the tablet Change Status screen.

The GPS module can easily track equipment any terminal layout and supports inexpensive GPS satellite receivers for the tablets. Many tablets come with GPS chips built in, but windows tablets also support additional USB GPS receivers and dash mount satellite antennas can be used in top picks and yard tractors.


  • Inexpensive GPS location mapping of equipment in yard.
  • No GPS equipment per unit, no attaching tracking devices to equipment.
  • Supports unmarked gravel parking lots
  • Supports fully marked paved lots
  • Auto Assign marked parking spot locations on Gate In
  • Create list of marked parking space by size type, damaged / good order, reefer, or loaded.

Please see the Depot Systems 5 Windows Tablet page for more details on tablet GPS receivers and tablets.




Depot Systems 5 Web

Depot Systems 5 Web is an add on module that can be purchased for your terminal. This web based system let’s truckers and steamship lines view the following on the default page:

  • Equipment Moves
  • Bookings

With a web site login to the portal, users can do the following:

  • View equipment details
  • Print interchanges in PDF format
  • View and save damage pictures
  • Create/Edit Bookings
  • Cancel Bookings


  • Depot Systems 5 base PC/Server system purchase.
  • Microsoft IIS hosted site / 2008-2014 with installed.

Note:  DS Cloud includes web hosting with purchase. Using the DS Cloud system will not require any servers or web hosting setup.