Depot Systems Cloud

Depot Systems can provide Depot Systems 5 software as a cloud version. Utilizing Tier 1 level data centers all data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Multiple terminal locations and remote users can all easily access the system from any internet connection.


  • No servers or system setup required on customer network.
  • Quick Depot Systems software setup – Can be setup in hours.
  • VMware Cluster redundant servers
  • Veeam Server data backups, off site backup replicas and SQL maintenance provided.
  • Full data center services. Security, Generator backup,  Fire Prevention, etc..
  • Multiple high speed redundant BGP internet connections on 3 major carriers.

Note:  The Cloud hosting option also includes Depot Systems yearly support and EDI processing fees.


  • Internet connection DSL or higher
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 Computer to install client software
  • TCPIP Port 24999 or 443 open on internet firewall for system access


  • Optional support for Mac Computers via Terminal Server connection included with cloud service
  • Optional support for Windows XP Computers via Terminal Server connection included with cloud service
  • Windows Tablet Connection (If Depot Systems 5 Tablet Add On Purchased) Tablets can connect via local or cellular internet connection from multiple terminal locations.
  • Depot Systems 5 Web Site hosting (If Depot Systems 5 Web Add On purchased) Included full redundant  .Net web hosting and setup.